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Think Legal Attorney & Notary Services offers you tailored solutions by providing you with the best legal advice. Our team advises companies, investors, and both national and international financial entities with interests in Costa Rica.

Our office in Costa Rica has a team of high-level professionals, specifically focused on commercial, corporate, and real estate law (including transactions in the tax, trustee, trademark, and intellectual property, company constitution, labor, and all areas that concern or may affect your business in Costa Rica). Also, Think Legal offers legal advice in civil, inheritance, and family law.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals through a high-quality, efficient legal service with a mission to protect your interests. Therefore, you can be sure that you will receive solid and personalized advice at a reasonable price.


Are you looking for a lawyer
or a notary in Costa Rica?

Do you have projects in Costa Rica and need the help of alawyer or a notary? Think Legal Attorney & Notary Services can help you with your real estate and commercial projects. We are a trilingual legal team, and we can help foreign citizens with immigration and answer all of their legal questions.

Services offered by
your lawyer and your notary in Costa Rica

Commercial, corporate, and business law

We help you choose the company that best suits your needs using the "Due diligence" process. We carry out an intensive investigation to help you set up the most reasonable measures to satisfy your needs in the commercial field. We advise you regarding the opening of your company, its administration, a merger, and the dissolution of a company outside, or within the country. We also offer the notarial services necessary for your company.

  • Business creation
  • Opening of companies
  • Preparation and registration of agreements and bylaws
  • Agreements between shareholders
  • Company administration
  • Employee relations
  • Empowerment
  • Certifications and minutes
  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • Tax planning and taxes

Intellectual and
industrial property

If you want to protect your intellectual creations, in terms of copyrights, we help you protect and defend your works. We can make license contracts for use, work under labor relations, or by commission.

In industrial property, we obtain:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks and trade names registration
  • Denominations of origin
  • Use license contracts
Flags of Costa Rica and Canada

Notarial services
for foreign citizens

Flags of Costa Rica and Canada

Are you a foreign citizen who would like to settle in Costa Rica? Do you have or want to create a company in Costa Rica? Are you in Costa Rica or Canada? Think Legal Attorney & Notary Services can help you with all the procedures you need to carry out in the Costa Rican territory. Our services include legal advice for the purchase of properties, the opening of companies and their administration, immigration proceedings, and all kinds of procedures that you require in the national territory.

Do you have a
real estate project?

Do you want to invest in real estate in Costa Rica? We advise you on the purchase of vacation, home, or retirement properties, and in all types of real estate transactions; sale, construction, financing, legal and registry studies to guarantee an excellent investment:

  • Letters of intention to purchase a property
  • Options and promises to buy and sell.
  • Purchase, sale, and rental of properties
  • Property trusts
  • Development of real estate projects
  • Due diligence processes
  • Tax on luxury homes in Costa Rica
  • Financing options (bank loans and mortgage loans)
  • Leasing contracts
  • Concessions and constructions in maritime-land areas
  • Declarations and payment of municipal taxes

Do you want to live
in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is known as the Central American paradise. It is considered one of the most stable and consolidated democracies in Latin America, with an emerging economy, especially it has one of the richest indices of biodiversity, it is one of the countries with the best healthcare in the world. Also, its tropical forests, active volcanoes, more than 1,300 km of coastline with paradisiacal beaches, its exotic natural beauty, and exclusive wildlife make Costa Rica an excellent destination to live.

Think Legal helps you with all the immigration procedures you need. We advise you on immigration law (Resident rentier, pensioner, or investor).

Do you have a
commercial project?

Are you looking to create a business or to open a company in Costa Rica? We offer you all the legal advice and notarial services you need for the proper functioning and administration of your company.

Thanks to our trilingual team, you can receive our services in French, English, or Spanish. Besides, it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer all your legal questions.

Enjoy personalized advice wherever you are and under the modality of your preference (personal, virtual, or through our online chat).

Legal services for Americans in Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas and Jaco

Our lawyers and notaries deal with all types of projects such as your commercial projects, real estate projects, business creation, preparation and registration of the settlement agreements and much more in our areas of Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas and Jaco.

Are you a foreign buyer in search of a professional for the acquisition of a new house in Costa Rica? Through our knowledge of Costa Rican laws and our amazing trilingual service, our well-equipped team can help you regardless of the type of transaction.

Starting a new project does not have to be synonymous with stress. By surrounding yourself with our professional team, you make sure of following Puntarenas, Manuel Antonio, Jaco and Guanacaste's requirements. Contact Think Legal Attorney & Notary Services for the best legal advice in Costa Rica!

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